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inprogress (hl7ips-issue-77) Define Value sets for medicine strength

Change Request (issue id 2.16.840.1.113883.3.1937.777.13.6.77)
Last assignment to Christof Gessner
Issue Define Value sets for medicine strength
Id hl7ips-issue-77
Type Change Request
Status inprogress In Progress, assigned
Priority normal
 (CDA) CDA Implementation 
 (Meds) Medications 
 (Vocab) Vocabularies 
Object(s) Template IPS Manufactured Material hl7ips-entry-template-3 (2016‑11‑10)
Value set hl7ips-valueset-31 (2017‑05‑03)
Value set hl7ips-valueset-30 (2017‑05‑03)
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