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draft Value Set IPS Results Microorganism 2017‑05‑31

Id 2.16.840.1.113883.11.22.49 Effective Date 2017‑05‑31
Status draft Draft Version Label
Name IPSResultsMicroorganism Display Name IPS Results Microorganism
Description Microorganism Value set to be used in the Results Observation Values
Copyright This artefact includes content from SNOMED Clinical Terms® (SNOMED CT®) which is copyright of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO). Implementers of these artefacts must have the appropriate SNOMED CT Affiliate license - for more information contact or
notice There is an open issue with this item:
Source Code System
2.16.840.1.113883.6.96 - SNOMED Clinical Terms - urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.6.96
Level/ Type Code Intentional Definition Code System
circleplus Include
descendants of code 264395009 Microorganism (organism) SNOMED Clinical Terms

Legenda: Type L=leaf, S=specializable, A=abstract, D=deprecated. NullFlavors to appear in @nullFlavor attribute instead of @code.
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