DECOR Information for Project: Medication on CDA (pharmcda-)


Diagram XML All Care view Name Version Label [‑] Data Set [‑] Template [‑]
html draft Medication Order
html draft doublearrow Medication Order 2017‑05‑10
draft rotate Create Medication Order 2017‑05‑10 UV Medication Order
html draft Medication Statement
html draft doublearrow Medication Statement 2017‑05‑10
draft rotate Create Medication Statement 2017‑05‑10 UV Medication Statement

Scenario Summary

Scenarios 2
Transaction groups 2
Transactions 2

Transactions per Actor

  1. person: Prescriber
  2. person: Dispenser

Transactions for Actor person: Prescriber

Role Transaction Model Template Diagram XML All Care view
  draft doublearrow Medication Order            
Sender draft rotate Create Medication Order UV Medication Order
  draft doublearrow Medication Statement            
Sender draft rotate Create Medication Statement UV Medication Statement

Transactions for Actor person: Dispenser

Role Transaction Model Template Diagram XML All Care view

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